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FS15: Hagenstedt 2017 V1.2 Beta
Become a modern farmer! Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm. Install this Hagenstedt 2017 V1.2 Beta Mod for FS 15 and make your farm more successful than ever.




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Make your Farming Simulator 15 gameplay more interesting and diverse with this Hagenstedt 2017 V1.2 Beta mod. Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

Version 1.2 Beta
Small update

Eggs now in Hühnerstall and not in the cows
Sharp now on the right pasture
New dirt road to the sharp.

Toom hardware store of San_Andreas (thanks for the mod)

Author: Horst Siegmann
in collaboration with Pergeo
Important to her durft this map only further veröffendlichen if the original link state is
It is not allowed this map under a next link further distribute.

Hagenstedt 2017 V1.Beta
This is a converted map.
I’ve changed to wish the user Pergeo.
The map is intended intended for any vehicles, so the little courtyard.
but there are in addition to the courtyard a small meadow where one could stand ne hall.
if you want to play with big vehicles.

These are the changes to this map
The main courtyard has become small.
Cows and Sharp are on the main courtyard
For the gates to the yard you need the mod
If you do not have this not go to the gates.

Important to her must die hall doors of mice open as it does not rise from within.
but that’s up to the hall. not on the map!

Field 35 has vergroßert itself,
Field 38, has also vergroßert
Box 14.16 has also changed the great!

Füßgänger in the city and Cämpingplatz
Parked Auto’s

built Mod’s
Potato & Rübelager of Taker9999
Drive-through hall of would like bauer
Jägerzaun of Maizibaer

If I have forgotten someone so it is not intentional!
if you find your DSO you.
Message me. I’ll resent you.

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