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FS19: Green Cross V1.0.0.0
Become a modern farmer! Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm. Install this Green Cross V1.0.0.0 Mod for FS 19 and make your farm more successfull then ever.

- Giants Software- AgrarFr3ak

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Make your Farming Smulator gameplay more intresting and diversed with this Green Cross V1.0.0.0. Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

Green Cross – Silent protest
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Green crosses 
All over Germany you will find green crosses in the fields. What is that supposed to mean?
On 4 September 2019, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, together with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, passed a so-called agricultural package.
Since then, there has been a fear on many farms that it makes all production in the field and in the barn more difficult and, in some cases, almost impossible. The measures are massively affecting the property values ​​of us farmers. Individual areas become worthless and can no longer be used for food production. The result: food is imported from abroad, regardless of how it is produced there. That can not be in the consumer’s interest ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The numerous prohibitions cause yields to fall. The supply of the local population with regional products is endangered. This also contradicts the desire of the consumer. Increasingly, farmers are trying to counter this development by restricting their current mode of production by switching to organic agriculture. As a result of increasing oversupply, this market is also generating enormous price pressure in this market. A group of committed farmers would like to draw attention to the now massive onset Höfesterben (especially small and medium-sized family farms) with the establishment of green crosses. We make no demands. The green crosses should be understood as a reminder to society to become aware of the value of domestic agriculture.

How to install this mod: download and transfer the archive with Green Cross V1.0.0.0 mod to the folder MyDocuments/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2019/mods

It is important to remember that mods work only in ZIP archives. If the downloaded archive is in a different format (for example, RAR) – then inside it is likely one or more ZIP-archives that need to be extracted (as a rule, this applies to map mods and mod packs).

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