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FS19: Mecklenburg Vorpommern Season-Ready V1.0.0.6
Become a modern farmer! Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm. Install this Mecklenburg Vorpommern Season-Ready V1.0.0.6 Mod for FS 19 and make your farm more successfull then ever.

Farming Simulator 19


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Make your Farming Smulator gameplay more intresting and diversed with this Mecklenburg Vorpommern Season-Ready V1.0.0.6. Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

descVersion adjusted to 53
Speed ​​camera script installed (speed camera column in the village with visible lightning)
SpeedDisplay installed
defaultItems.xml adjusted
Adjusted gas station sign in the village
Lit gas station
Required mods:
Global Company: Global Company
Maize Plus: Maize Plus
Maize PlusCCM: Maize Plus CCM
Maize Plus Forage Extension: Maize Plus Forage Extension
Manure System: Manure System
The map Mecklenburg Western Pomerania ….. A lot happened again on this map for the LS19.
What exactly was done to make it playable for the LS19, please refer to the following thread “Mecklenburg Vorpommern goes to FS19”.
Should you find errors or have problems with the map, please post them in the following thread “Mecklenburg Vorpommern Bug Reports”
we have updated the map again. We took a look at the BGA and expanded some objects and installed new ones.
The BGA is now Global Company Ready, so the Mod Global Company must be in the Mods folder. We have three production lines at the BGA. 1. Liquid manure 2. Digestate and 3. Diesel.
In order to produce diesel, the fermentation residues have to be removed from the fermenter and brought to diesel production. It is located on the BGA site. At the liquid manure basin you can only remove liquid manure and only remove digestate at the fermenter.
The manure system can now be used at the pig farm and cow farm. We removed the docking stations.
Information: Map can only be played in conjunction with GlobalCompany
Required mods:
Global Company: Global Company
Maize Plus: Maize Plus
Maize PlusCCM: Maize Plus CCM
Maize Plus Forage Extension: Maize Plus Forage Extension
Manure System: Manure System
Link to the Auto Drive courses: Auto Drive courses Mecklenburg Vorpommern
BGA models renewed
BGA connections for hoses (ManureSytem) fixed
BGA ManureSystem ready
BGA Global Company ready
BGA 3 branches of production
Slurry production (slurry extraction from the slurry pot)
Digestate production (removal at the fermenter)
Diesel production (removal of diesel barrels)
Fields smoothed field 7, field 19
Various grasses removed from buildings
Hose connection (ManureSytem) added to the cow’s hoof (slurry store)
Hose connection (ManureSytem) added at the pig farm (slurry store)
Company sign at the main courtyard changed
Texture of the gas station (village) renewed
PDA map renewed
descVersion adjusted to 51
Particle system adjusted
Maize Plus installed
Maize Plus CCM Extension installed
Maize Plus Forage Extension installed
Maize Plus Horse Extension installed
Harvesting machines as well as the conditioner machines are included in the map. Thank you F / A and Alien Paul
FillType increased to 128
FruitType increased to 64
Global Company installed
ManureSystem installed
Season revised
new fruits added “onions, carrots, pasture grass, horse grass, arable grass and elephant grass.
mapBoundId = “Farmhouse” removed (problems saving)
Width or height doesn’t equal 2 ^ n of mipmapped texture /maps/models/breu/ Fixed
WARNING: static shape ‘waterTank’ is marked COMPOUND fixed
Kuhhof feed trigger fixed
Mining hall in the main courtyard TipColiSion fixed
KippSilo TipColiSion fixed
Rescue hall terrain adapted
Lime storage Colis adapted
BGA silo light controlled by switch adapted
new decoration set
Vehicle dealer Fricke is now open until 8 p.m.
Removed grass from the halls
Electricity house brought out of the earth
some fields smoothed
Planted hedges
Changelog version
cultivator_density.gdm adapted (no more errors on the DediServer)
various .dds files adapted
Error: “static shape ‘waterTank’ is marked COMPOUND” fixed
Map is now Seasons Ready (Link to Season)
new fruits added (rye, clover, alfalfa)
various minor changes
Changelog version
various adjustments to the terrain
various grass removed from roads
Field 3 bushes floated in the air
Field 3 Tree was too far in the field
Field 3 was a corner difficult to reach / terrain adjustment
Field 5 trees were too far in the field
Field 7 crop sticking out on the road
Field 10 the field shaft was covered with fruit
Field 10 electricity pylons left out of crops and colision added
Field 10 bushes were too close to the road
Field 14 oblique trees straightened
Field 16 trees too close to the field
Field 18 a corner was not part of the field.
Field 20 terrain adapted
Field 22 hedge floated in the air
Kuhhof office building Colision added
Kuhhof hedges exchanged
Way to the Kuhof / Feld moved 3 trees further away
Pet dealer installed.
Gas station installed at the pet dealer
All the hedges are now swaying in the wind
Purple baked goods, you came under the road / terrain adjustment
Added sales point for eggs (see PDA)
Farmhouse added. Now you can skip the night.

How to install this mod: download and transfer the archive with Mecklenburg Vorpommern Season-Ready V1.0.0.6 mod to the folder MyDocuments/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2019/mods

It is important to remember that mods work only in ZIP archives. If the downloaded archive is in a different format (for example, RAR) – then inside it is likely one or more ZIP-archives that need to be extracted (as a rule, this applies to map mods and mod packs).

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