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FS22: Rhön Map 2022 By Momo V1.2
Make your Farming Smulator gameplay more intresting and diversed with this Rhön Map 2022 By Momo V1.2. Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

Farming Simulator 22


MoMo (HessenFarmers)

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Make your Farming Smulator gameplay more intresting and diversed with this Rhön Map 2022 By Momo V1.2. Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

This is the idyllic Rhön Map 2022. Experience a realistic gaming experience in the beautiful Rhön. Small to large areas invite you to harvest, sow, mow or plow until the doctor comes.
Changes V1.2 – V2 beer:
Buildings revised, straightened and adjusted
Added new buildings
Added decoration objects with seasonal dependency
Grain silo revised (animation etc.)
Ground adjustment in various places + missing grass added
Fixed floating trees
Map border revised
Added 1 forest area
Just discover the rest for yourself
Hello dear LS community,
I’ve been busy building this map a lot over the last few months. A lot of energy went into the installation of converted original stables etc.
The map reflects a small part of the Hessian Rhön and is an almost 1×1 replica of reality. The map is always being worked on.
But now to the scope of the map:
1 cowshed with dung board, 1 cowshed which has to be cleared out
Sheep pasture with pasture trough/spring trough
Stable with own horse head
4 mobile silos, 2 wedge silos and 2 large drive-through silos
Converted grain store
Mill, farm shop, country store, dairy and sale of bales Raiber
Converted biogas plant based on reality
Vegetable garden fully functional with approx. 56-58 planting places
All areas can be bought, but are not suitable for the forest
And much more!
Please read the Read. Me, there is still some information about the required mods! These are installed in the fleet as standard.
I thought long and hard about publishing the map. Now I wish you a lot of fun gambling. Log is error-free.
In case of errors it would be great if you give me feedback. Will try to fix this in the next version.
As soon as Maisplus comes out, I will also incorporate this into this map.
Attached is also a read me.
This map may only be uploaded to other platforms with the original link.
It’s not allowed to upload the map without the original Downloadlink!
Uploading a modified version is forbidden, in this case, the download link will be deleted!
Have fun! I am looking forward to your feedback. 8th
VG MoMo aka Hessen Farmers.

How to install this mod: download and transfer the archive with Rhön Map 2022 By Momo V1.2 mod to the folder Documents/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2022/mods

It is important to remember that mods work only in ZIP archives. If the downloaded archive is in a different format (for example, RAR) – then inside it is likely one or more ZIP-archives that need to be extracted (as a rule, this applies to map mods and mod packs).

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